I received/found a head.  what do I do with it?

Congratulations!  A lot of people would love to be you right now. What you do with the head is entirely up to you.  Take a selfie with it.  Introduce it to your friends and neighbors.  Take it on an adventure.  Use it in a photo.  Draw a picture of it.  Strap it to a balloon and launch it into space (no seriously, that would be awesome) - just be creative.  All that we ask is that you document it in some way.

Where do I post my photos/videos?

Social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, you name it.  Hell, you can even send stuff to us if you want.  Wherever you post your content, be sure to tag it with #theheadproject and the serial number found on the label (example #HEAD000) so we can find it.

I'm done with the head, now what do I do with it?

That's up to you.  Mail it to someone far away, give it to your neighbor, leave it in a coffee shop for someone to find, or hold it for ransom.  Just remember, there are a lot of people who would love to participate.

How often should I update the location of the head?

Update the location of the head at least once.  This way we can all see where it is traveling.  Just remember, we use GPS technology to track the heads (which can be very accurate) so if you have privacy concerns DO NOT update your location.

DISCLAIMER: We collect location data for our project in an attempt to track our mannequin heads around the world.  We publish your location on our website.  We collect the following information: Region, country, lat/long, browser, OS, device, and model.  If you have any problems or if you decide, at any time, or for any reason, that you do not want your location data saved or published on our website, please contact me to delete it.

what if i don't want to give you my location; can i still participate?

Of course!  You don't have to update the location of the head, it would just be nice.

where are all the baby pigeons?

That's a damn good question.