Holly Taft


Posted to Facebook January 3 at 11:06 AM


Sarah was ecstatic to arrive in New Hampshire.

She turned in early for some much-needed beauty sleep but awoke first thing to a delight, freshly falling snow. Donning the headband her friend @laurentaftgiraffe knitted for her, she quickly stole outdoors to capture a selfie in the champagne powder. The light was perfect. "My skin looks amazing in Pepperidge Farm Land" she cooed. After adjusting her eye color, picking a filter and adding some extra flakes, she snapped and grammed her beauty shot to all her friends back home. Unfortunately, because she was staring at her phone instead of the ground, she failed to notice that the driveway was a veritable ice rink greased in snow. As her be-Ugged feet flew out from under her, she landed half on a frozen snowbank and half in the driveway. She struggled to find her phone in the snow while also trying to stand when a town plow truck raced by, blasting her in the face with a cannonball of white.


Cold, bruised and with a broken screen, Sarah came back indoors for a good cry. Maybe NH wasn't as perfect as she had thought.


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