Why Kickstarter?


The Kickstarter campaign is live and something recently occurred to me.  It may not be clear why I'm running a fundraiser for my project.  I mean, the website is finished, the asset tracking technology is in place, and I've got the first few participants lined up. Can't I just relaunch the project now with the few heads I've got?  The quick and easy answer is, yup.  But I did that once, and it didn't go so well.

When I started the project in 2002, I had one mannequin head and an idea.  I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know more than four hundred people would register to participate in the first six months; the waiting list would continue to grow.  Seriously, a lot of people wanted to get a mannequin head in the the mail.  Most of them would never get a chance.  There were simply not enough heads to go around.  In the end, 40 people, from 9 countries, participated, contributing more than 1,500 photos.

But, I had a bigger vision.

I envisioned an army of trackable heads, free-ranging the globe, from person to person, encounter to encounter. No waiting lists. No time limits.  I've done most of the leg work.  I'm ready to launch.  I just need more heads.  This is where Kickstarter comes in.

The money I raise on Kickstarter will be used to buy additional heads and, generally, make the project cooler.  I promise I won't buy beer with it.

Kickstarter doesn't just give me money, however.  They call it fund-RAISING for a reason.  That's right, you guessed it.  There's a pitch coming.

I need your help. Check out our Kickstarter campaign and pledge your support.  Without it, I'm just a guy with a mannequin head obsession and that's just weird.  For now, tell everyone you know about the project; especially your artsy friends!  Email them. Text them. Share on social media.