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Sarah was ecstatic to arrive in New Hampshire.

She turned in early for some much-needed beauty sleep but awoke first thing to a delight, freshly falling snow. Donning the headband her friend @laurentaftgiraffe knitted for her, she quickly stole outdoors to capture a selfie in the champagne powder. The light was perfect. "My skin looks amazing in Pepperidge Farm Land" she cooed. After adjusting her eye color, picking a filter and adding some extra flakes, she snapped and grammed her beauty shot to all her friends back home. Unfortunately, because she was staring at her phone instead of the ground, she failed to notice that the driveway was a veritable ice rink greased in snow. As her be-Ugged feet flew out from under her, she landed half on a frozen snowbank and half in the driveway. She struggled to find her phone in the snow while also trying to stand when a town plow truck raced by, blasting her in the face with a cannonball of white.


Cold, bruised and with a broken screen, Sarah came back indoors for a good cry. Maybe NH wasn't as perfect as she had thought.


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Halló, from Iceland


#HEAD002 is one of the first three heads I mailed out a few months back; one to Japan, one to Iceland, and one to the United States.  I’d heard it made it through Customs but I was having trouble with the Google Geolocation API so its current location wasn’t showing up on maps... until today.  This is the second time a Head has been to Iceland.

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A head for abandoned things

Photo by Sarah Bloom

Photo by Sarah Bloom

Sara Bloom is taking her head on adventures in abandoned places in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Check out #HEAD003 on Instagram for more.

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Why Kickstarter?


The Kickstarter campaign is live and something recently occurred to me.  It may not be clear why I'm running a fundraiser for my project.  I mean, the website is finished, the asset tracking technology is in place, and I've got the first few participants lined up. Can't I just relaunch the project now with the few heads I've got?  The quick and easy answer is, yup.  But I did that once, and it didn't go so well.

When I started the project in 2002, I had one mannequin head and an idea.  I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know more than four hundred people would register to participate in the first six months; the waiting list would continue to grow.  Seriously, a lot of people wanted to get a mannequin head in the the mail.  Most of them would never get a chance.  There were simply not enough heads to go around.  In the end, 40 people, from 9 countries, participated, contributing more than 1,500 photos.

But, I had a bigger vision.

I envisioned an army of trackable heads, free-ranging the globe, from person to person, encounter to encounter. No waiting lists. No time limits.  I've done most of the leg work.  I'm ready to launch.  I just need more heads.  This is where Kickstarter comes in.

The money I raise on Kickstarter will be used to buy additional heads and, generally, make the project cooler.  I promise I won't buy beer with it.

Kickstarter doesn't just give me money, however.  They call it fund-RAISING for a reason.  That's right, you guessed it.  There's a pitch coming.

I need your help. Check out our Kickstarter campaign and pledge your support.  Without it, I'm just a guy with a mannequin head obsession and that's just weird.  For now, tell everyone you know about the project; especially your artsy friends!  Email them. Text them. Share on social media.